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Idli (also romanized “idly” or “iddly”) is a south Indian savory cake popular throughout India.


  • Salt: to taste
  • Green Chillies: 5 chopped
  • Ginger: 15 gm (chopped)
  • Curry Leaves: 8
  • Cashew Nuts: 15 gm roasted
  • Lentils: Mustard seeds: 1 tsp
  • Urad (black daal): 2/3 cup (split and husked) and 1 tbs for Chutney
  • Cooking Oil: to grease moulds and 15 ml for Chutney
  • Parboiled rice: 360 gm
  • Coconut: 2


Step 1

Soak lentils for one hour then put in a blender with very little water to obtain a paste slightly thicker in consistency than pancake batter.

Step 2

Coarsely grind rice, then wash and soak for 10 minutes.

Step 3

Put the rice flour in a muslin cloth and squeeze out the moisture.

Step 4

Mix the lentil paste with rice flour and salt and set aside for 6 hours to ferment.

Step 5

Grease idli moulds, fill half-way up with batter and steam in a pressure cooker for 8-10 minutes.

Step 6

A needle inserted in an idli should come out clean if the idli is cooked.

Step 7

If no moulds are available then use small, heat proof bowls and steam in a double boiler or egg poacher.

Step 8

Grind coconut, green chillies, ginger and cashew nuts/roasted gram to a paste.

Step 9

Heat oil in a kadhai. Add mustard seeds, urad daal and saute over medium heat.

Step 10

Add curry leaves. Add the ground paste to the tempering.

Step 11

Heat through. De-mould idlis and place on individual plates.

Step 12

Serve with coconut chutney and sambhar.

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